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Somewhat random collection of musings

I cannot believe it is already midsemester.  This year is going fast, but in a good way.  I do have things to show for my time, much more tangibly than I did when working.  I am often tired, but i have often earned that tired now.  

Exciting news: they are extending my drug study for another 3 years.  Dr. Wynn thinks it might even go longer.  This is wonderful.  It means more free neurology for me and I can continue to be treated with the drug if I need it.  This stuff has meant big changes for me.  I never could have done school with how I was 2 years ago.  Changes: from 3 injections per week to 0, also 3 nights a week with flu -like symptoms to none, also no travel with syringes, no longer completely exhausted all the time, one exacerbation in two years instead of 2-3 per year, no accumulation of additional disability.  This is huge.

Classes are going well.  I am learning all the time. I am aware that I am learning as I am more aware of what I don't know or don't do as well as I could.  I do have some confidence that I can do it all better though!  I have "spring break" this weekend.  It is literally Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Kind of silly really.  I will be using it to make art, so it will not differ substantially from most weekends.

You can always pick out the female fashion students at SAIC, they are always in full makeup and a clever outfit...a little intimidating, really. 

I have had a few nibbles from theater groups for design work recently.  YAY!  I hope they pan out.  I redid my portfolio last weekend.  There is lots more to do, but it feels good to have a start into the marketing end of Jil as artist/entreprenuer.

I had a telephony voiceover gig.  It went well, I need to work on developing that business too.  Plans have begun for fresh demos and proper audio recording at home. I have a mic and stand and pop-filter.  I need a better mic mount and a music stand and to build out the basement space I have in mind.  My friend has volunteered his assistance with a lot of this and sisnce he is super audio guy I am totally taking him up on it!

I trimmed back a bunch of trees in the back yard today.  Slowly I will tame the wild weed patch!!  I would like to be able to eat something and think, "I grew this."  I'll keep posting on how that goes.

I thought about what I really want to do with my summer.  So far my plan is to get up early in the mornings and do a bit of outdoor stuff before it gets too hot.  Then I plan on reorganizing and cleaning my studio so that I have a pleasant place to complete the vast array of art projects which are queued up in my head/heart.  VO work, setting up a studio and developing work leads is also on my plan.  I want to fit in a visit to Mom at the cottage and some sitting around at the beach. I would like to get going with vermiculture composting.  Really there is a lot to fit into the time. I decided not to take classes over the summer.  I need to rest a bit and follow my own rhythm and do some of the stuff I have been thinking and talking about for a while.  I think art school is improving my courage to try things, to just start stuff.
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I'm a recent convert to container gardening - my condo has a south/east facing deck and last summer I grew a lot of greens and herbs for PepperBunny and I to share. This year I'm going to try adding snap peas on the railing.

Bunny poo makes awesome fertilizer and I always have plenty