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First two classes for the semester are done-- so far it is looking pretty awesome.  Thursday the fashion class "Object and Artifact, No Nonsense" rocked my world. It was like someone dipped into my head and made a class out of the stuff I am interested in. The teacher is cool, fun, articulate, practical, gay, a practicing shaman.  The projects for the class already have me bubbling over with ideas.  I think I am starting to build the first one today.  My classmates are an interesting mix including one guy who was in my fiber class last semester.  You can always pick out the female fashion students at SAIC, they are always in full makeup and a clever outfit...a little intimidating, really. 

Friday was "Performing Objects"  which is a meld between performance art and sculpting.  It was prettty good.  We did some improv game things which was a little dissappointing, I have had better improvisation experiences at Bristol. We also did some improv sculpting with cardboard, including rounds of blindfolded sculpting (lots of tape in those rounds), that was cooler.  Visual artists are not always willing performers, we will see how many stay in the class.  I have mixed feelings about the projects for the class, some seem really cool, some more forced.  The teacher for this one did undergrad in Colorado and it shows in his speech patterns.  Imagine a ski instructor talking about art..."Hey dude, you gotta kinda think about it as a DuChampian thing."  I really liked my classmates in this class.

I am making soups this weekend.  Ham and Bean (trying for Bob Evans' soup) and Split pea.  I am trying to bring my lunch more often this semester.  I don't want to gain the 7 lbs I did last semester and don't want to spend the money either.

Tonight I am going to my friend Tandra's birthday at Margie's Candies.  She is celebrating before she heads back to Idaho. Her funding for school did not work out so she is taking a leave of absence.  She will likely go to Germany to be with her fiance later this spring.  Hopefully she can work out University there for much cheaper.  After that I am going to T's for onion soup (Whew what a soup weekend this is!).  Then to some bar for Corri's birthday...wonder if they have soup too?  Drunk on soup!!!

I will write later next week to update you all on what the next three classes are like!