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Psyched vs Anxious

So here I am:
Ramping up for a new semester at school-- totally psyched!!
Figuring out the money end of it-- totally anxious!!
Setting up home recording facility so I can do VO gigs here-- totally psyched!!
Going freelance from Brella so I can devote the time and attention to my art and vo-- both psyched and anxious!
(My last official day as an employee  is Jan 31, my last day in the office is next Wednesday.  It is the place I have worked the longest in my work life.  It has been huge learning, a fair amount of fun, a fair amount of frustration.  I think it is time for a new adventure. *hitches up big girl panties*  It is time to be the change I want to see.)
Going to visit my inlaws today-- totally psyched!

So the balance is positive, but it is a ton of emotional energy running through my system in both directions. 

Reading right now:
Crucial Conversations-- awesome book on interpersonal conversation skills-- highly recommend
Sellevision by Augusten Burroughs-- very funny and a fast read, reminds me of Ben Elton in terms of writing style
Promethia Comic books-- started at issue one -- am at about #16-- love it, good art, action, female hero
Grim Jack comic-- new ones are out!!! I just found out last night.  So looking forward to these!
Harlen Hogan's voice over recording book-- very practical on tech end.


Man... everytime I'm out of the office for more than a day the whole world changes. Good luck with everything. Can I have your stapler. :)
thanks! I will lean on your confidence :)
ROCK ON!!!! Hey, let me know when you're doing VO actor demos!
Probably will be a little while-- lots to organize before the equipment is good for much more than really simple vo tracks.