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Ok schools out...now what's on the list?

Whew.  Final final critique was yesterday. I am done for the semester--thank the gods.  It was a hard final push.  I am not overwhelmingly happy with my final projects, but I think I did learn a lot.  I also think I am likely to rework those projects and keep trying to make the reality match up to the conception.  So what next...
I need to make christmas presents for Mom and mom-in-law and sister-in-law and sister.  I need to find a christmas gift for brother-in-law.  I need to do some laundry and shovel the walks.

For those who are interested, I don't think we are doing New Year's Day brunch this year.  Neither E nor I are up to it, him for his back and me for the fatigue level.  A sad but necessary decision.

Happy Merry Joyful whatevers!


glad school is out sorry for you feeling wiped. *hug* it ok about the new years brunch i couldnt make it anyway *grin* get some much needed rest!