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Oh crap Midterms...I have my art history midterm this week.  I was supposed to study today, um...well, yeah I slumped around in my jammies eating and watching football and the history channel instead.  I had a nap too. I think I needed some down time.  I love school. It is challenging and intellectually stimulating and fun and gives me so much joy. It is already time to think about what to take next semester, registration is in a month. Work is busy but there is new WEB project manager so my work life is definitely getting WAY better as I will be back to merely obscenely busy from horrifically overwhelmed with no chance of ever catching up. I talked to an old friend from college this morning and she remarked on the "lightness" she hears now in my voice and credits my finally chasing my art dream to school with it-- I think I agree.  Loved reading up on everyone's updates-- it makes me feel a little tied in even though I don't see much of anybody at all. :)
Take care of yourselves please, it is important that you all be nice to yourselves.
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