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Yay.  I have blue hair.  It is mixed into the brown (and gray) nicely (thanks A and S)!!!  Now I need to get it cut, or perhaps attach multicolored extentions ;). I will post photos, but not today.  I am home sick with a cold.  It has stolen my voice, focus and energy and converted them into snot (sorry TMI, I know). This is a good sign in one way though.  MS generally means that the immune system is so tough you catch nothing, drug must be working to keep immunes system in check if I have this crap.  I should get a flu shot, around too many kids and people on my commutes not to be careful.
School continues to be good and brain encompassing and time consuming.  Sorry to those who have contacted me to do social stuff lately...I know I have been minimally responsive. Friday was E and my 15th wedding anniversary.  Still so glad to be his partner, had a nice dinner out and then home.  I saw Great Big Sea on Saturday.  I am glad I went, but probably would have begged off if I had been planning it this last week instead of 6 months ago. They were charming.  College of Dupage is nice enough but way the hell and gone from my usual haunts. 
I cannot believe it is October already.  Lots of Taos references cropping up in my life again, need to go visit and get my fix.  Among the references was Robert Mirabal performing at the Art Institute-- traditional Native American flute and poetry/prose.  Maybe I can go in January when school goes on break.