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HI everyone-
School is good but totally overwhelming.  I am a bit worried as this is just the regular homework load, not the super special project stuff that is coming up.  I am already sick of the commute and very grateful for the two places to which I have keys in the city.  I feel like a squirrel only I have toiletries stashed all over instead of nuts.  I am building muscle hauling all the various art supplies and projects to and fro.  Work is jamming and everyone there is burned out and just done with it.  Too many months of all hands on deck.  I wish I would win the lotto so I could just make the cool stuff that I think of.  Classes are inspiring even more ideas.
Health is good.  This drug is the bomb, I feel better than I have since diagnosis.  Exciting news is the study is extending 3 more years!  Yay for free neurology and study drug for a while!  Eric is dealing with bad back issues again.  Poor monkey.
I gotta go- art history is gonna start.  can I just say how cool it is to discuss great works of art and have them accessible RIGHT THERE?  Not just slides!!


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glad to hear the health-o-meter is up!
Glad school is going well. My sympathies to The Tall Guy™ on the back problems.