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Jun. 18th, 2010


Life is good and crazy!

New website is up www.jillfrederickson.com.

I have been slacking off pretty good since school ended a month ago, I needed the rest. I think things will start to ramp up again shortly, especially as I was accepted yesterday to work with Redmoon on their new show for September.

Mar. 18th, 2010


Somewhat random collection of musings

I cannot believe it is already midsemester.  This year is going fast, but in a good way.  I do have things to show for my time, much more tangibly than I did when working.  I am often tired, but i have often earned that tired now.  

Exciting news: they are extending my drug study for another 3 years.  Dr. Wynn thinks it might even go longer.  This is wonderful.  It means more free neurology for me and I can continue to be treated with the drug if I need it.  This stuff has meant big changes for me.  I never could have done school with how I was 2 years ago.  Changes: from 3 injections per week to 0, also 3 nights a week with flu -like symptoms to none, also no travel with syringes, no longer completely exhausted all the time, one exacerbation in two years instead of 2-3 per year, no accumulation of additional disability.  This is huge.

Classes are going well.  I am learning all the time. I am aware that I am learning as I am more aware of what I don't know or don't do as well as I could.  I do have some confidence that I can do it all better though!  I have "spring break" this weekend.  It is literally Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Kind of silly really.  I will be using it to make art, so it will not differ substantially from most weekends.

You can always pick out the female fashion students at SAIC, they are always in full makeup and a clever outfit...a little intimidating, really. 

I have had a few nibbles from theater groups for design work recently.  YAY!  I hope they pan out.  I redid my portfolio last weekend.  There is lots more to do, but it feels good to have a start into the marketing end of Jil as artist/entreprenuer.

I had a telephony voiceover gig.  It went well, I need to work on developing that business too.  Plans have begun for fresh demos and proper audio recording at home. I have a mic and stand and pop-filter.  I need a better mic mount and a music stand and to build out the basement space I have in mind.  My friend has volunteered his assistance with a lot of this and sisnce he is super audio guy I am totally taking him up on it!

I trimmed back a bunch of trees in the back yard today.  Slowly I will tame the wild weed patch!!  I would like to be able to eat something and think, "I grew this."  I'll keep posting on how that goes.

I thought about what I really want to do with my summer.  So far my plan is to get up early in the mornings and do a bit of outdoor stuff before it gets too hot.  Then I plan on reorganizing and cleaning my studio so that I have a pleasant place to complete the vast array of art projects which are queued up in my head/heart.  VO work, setting up a studio and developing work leads is also on my plan.  I want to fit in a visit to Mom at the cottage and some sitting around at the beach. I would like to get going with vermiculture composting.  Really there is a lot to fit into the time. I decided not to take classes over the summer.  I need to rest a bit and follow my own rhythm and do some of the stuff I have been thinking and talking about for a while.  I think art school is improving my courage to try things, to just start stuff.
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Jan. 30th, 2010


(no subject)

First two classes for the semester are done-- so far it is looking pretty awesome.  Thursday the fashion class "Object and Artifact, No Nonsense" rocked my world. It was like someone dipped into my head and made a class out of the stuff I am interested in. The teacher is cool, fun, articulate, practical, gay, a practicing shaman.  The projects for the class already have me bubbling over with ideas.  I think I am starting to build the first one today.  My classmates are an interesting mix including one guy who was in my fiber class last semester.  You can always pick out the female fashion students at SAIC, they are always in full makeup and a clever outfit...a little intimidating, really. 

Friday was "Performing Objects"  which is a meld between performance art and sculpting.  It was prettty good.  We did some improv game things which was a little dissappointing, I have had better improvisation experiences at Bristol. We also did some improv sculpting with cardboard, including rounds of blindfolded sculpting (lots of tape in those rounds), that was cooler.  Visual artists are not always willing performers, we will see how many stay in the class.  I have mixed feelings about the projects for the class, some seem really cool, some more forced.  The teacher for this one did undergrad in Colorado and it shows in his speech patterns.  Imagine a ski instructor talking about art..."Hey dude, you gotta kinda think about it as a DuChampian thing."  I really liked my classmates in this class.

I am making soups this weekend.  Ham and Bean (trying for Bob Evans' soup) and Split pea.  I am trying to bring my lunch more often this semester.  I don't want to gain the 7 lbs I did last semester and don't want to spend the money either.

Tonight I am going to my friend Tandra's birthday at Margie's Candies.  She is celebrating before she heads back to Idaho. Her funding for school did not work out so she is taking a leave of absence.  She will likely go to Germany to be with her fiance later this spring.  Hopefully she can work out University there for much cheaper.  After that I am going to T's for onion soup (Whew what a soup weekend this is!).  Then to some bar for Corri's birthday...wonder if they have soup too?  Drunk on soup!!!

I will write later next week to update you all on what the next three classes are like!

Jan. 21st, 2010


Psyched vs Anxious

So here I am:
Ramping up for a new semester at school-- totally psyched!!
Figuring out the money end of it-- totally anxious!!
Setting up home recording facility so I can do VO gigs here-- totally psyched!!
Going freelance from Brella so I can devote the time and attention to my art and vo-- both psyched and anxious!
(My last official day as an employee  is Jan 31, my last day in the office is next Wednesday.  It is the place I have worked the longest in my work life.  It has been huge learning, a fair amount of fun, a fair amount of frustration.  I think it is time for a new adventure. *hitches up big girl panties*  It is time to be the change I want to see.)
Going to visit my inlaws today-- totally psyched!

So the balance is positive, but it is a ton of emotional energy running through my system in both directions. 

Reading right now:
Crucial Conversations-- awesome book on interpersonal conversation skills-- highly recommend
Sellevision by Augusten Burroughs-- very funny and a fast read, reminds me of Ben Elton in terms of writing style
Promethia Comic books-- started at issue one -- am at about #16-- love it, good art, action, female hero
Grim Jack comic-- new ones are out!!! I just found out last night.  So looking forward to these!
Harlen Hogan's voice over recording book-- very practical on tech end.

Dec. 20th, 2009


Ok schools out...now what's on the list?

Whew.  Final final critique was yesterday. I am done for the semester--thank the gods.  It was a hard final push.  I am not overwhelmingly happy with my final projects, but I think I did learn a lot.  I also think I am likely to rework those projects and keep trying to make the reality match up to the conception.  So what next...
I need to make christmas presents for Mom and mom-in-law and sister-in-law and sister.  I need to find a christmas gift for brother-in-law.  I need to do some laundry and shovel the walks.

For those who are interested, I don't think we are doing New Year's Day brunch this year.  Neither E nor I are up to it, him for his back and me for the fatigue level.  A sad but necessary decision.

Happy Merry Joyful whatevers!

Nov. 3rd, 2009


(no subject)

Dying fabric with beets tonight for fiber.  Trick-or treaters were a bit sparse this year so we have WAY too much candy hanging around.  i brought a pile into work and i think I will haul some in to feed to the college students.  Lots to do for class, but it is fun and fascinating.
Out with J tomorrow night, with KT for hair dying (hers) Thursday and then friday is MFA open studio night at SAIC...
Whoosh this week is moving fast.

Oct. 21st, 2009


(no subject)

At the Celtic Knot last night Kat E. was sitting in on the jam.  I enjoyed the music and seeing M&M and Aly and the Celtic Sampler(yum).  It felt like the peaceful part of a Charles De Lint novel.   Thanks for the tip off that she'd be there, J.  Oh and "holy crap but Farley has grown up!!"

Oct. 18th, 2009


(no subject)

Oh crap Midterms...I have my art history midterm this week.  I was supposed to study today, um...well, yeah I slumped around in my jammies eating and watching football and the history channel instead.  I had a nap too. I think I needed some down time.  I love school. It is challenging and intellectually stimulating and fun and gives me so much joy. It is already time to think about what to take next semester, registration is in a month. Work is busy but there is new WEB project manager so my work life is definitely getting WAY better as I will be back to merely obscenely busy from horrifically overwhelmed with no chance of ever catching up. I talked to an old friend from college this morning and she remarked on the "lightness" she hears now in my voice and credits my finally chasing my art dream to school with it-- I think I agree.  Loved reading up on everyone's updates-- it makes me feel a little tied in even though I don't see much of anybody at all. :)
Take care of yourselves please, it is important that you all be nice to yourselves.
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Oct. 5th, 2009


(no subject)

Yay.  I have blue hair.  It is mixed into the brown (and gray) nicely (thanks A and S)!!!  Now I need to get it cut, or perhaps attach multicolored extentions ;). I will post photos, but not today.  I am home sick with a cold.  It has stolen my voice, focus and energy and converted them into snot (sorry TMI, I know). This is a good sign in one way though.  MS generally means that the immune system is so tough you catch nothing, drug must be working to keep immunes system in check if I have this crap.  I should get a flu shot, around too many kids and people on my commutes not to be careful.
School continues to be good and brain encompassing and time consuming.  Sorry to those who have contacted me to do social stuff lately...I know I have been minimally responsive. Friday was E and my 15th wedding anniversary.  Still so glad to be his partner, had a nice dinner out and then home.  I saw Great Big Sea on Saturday.  I am glad I went, but probably would have begged off if I had been planning it this last week instead of 6 months ago. They were charming.  College of Dupage is nice enough but way the hell and gone from my usual haunts. 
I cannot believe it is October already.  Lots of Taos references cropping up in my life again, need to go visit and get my fix.  Among the references was Robert Mirabal performing at the Art Institute-- traditional Native American flute and poetry/prose.  Maybe I can go in January when school goes on break.

Sep. 25th, 2009


(no subject)

HI everyone-
School is good but totally overwhelming.  I am a bit worried as this is just the regular homework load, not the super special project stuff that is coming up.  I am already sick of the commute and very grateful for the two places to which I have keys in the city.  I feel like a squirrel only I have toiletries stashed all over instead of nuts.  I am building muscle hauling all the various art supplies and projects to and fro.  Work is jamming and everyone there is burned out and just done with it.  Too many months of all hands on deck.  I wish I would win the lotto so I could just make the cool stuff that I think of.  Classes are inspiring even more ideas.
Health is good.  This drug is the bomb, I feel better than I have since diagnosis.  Exciting news is the study is extending 3 more years!  Yay for free neurology and study drug for a while!  Eric is dealing with bad back issues again.  Poor monkey.
I gotta go- art history is gonna start.  can I just say how cool it is to discuss great works of art and have them accessible RIGHT THERE?  Not just slides!!


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